Since 1977 the jewellery SORELLE RONCO guarantees to all customers the licit
origin by official channels of any watch, fullfilling all obligation-law to
guarantee and protect the customer.

New Watches are always sold with all plastic protections and their official kit
(documents, warranty and original box).

We raccomand to be wary of "low cost" internet offer.

You may find the same used watch at a lower price, but you have to remember that:

  • For an official revision, the cost can range between 400 and 800 Euro
    (in most of the watches sold on the used market, the revision has not been
    carried out).

  • For a complete polishing/refurbishing the cost range between 100 and
    300 Euro.

  • There are not 2 years warranty.

  • The provenance of the watch is not always safe.

If buying a new watch is bit more expensive than an used one, it's still worthwhile
because they are encountered no risk.